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My name's Ali Lane, and I'm the man behind the waiting room. This site is my way of sharing a bit about me [Section 1.0], my work [Section 2.0], whilst occassionaly barfing on about design, development, music and whatever else takes my fancy [Section 3.0]. All the while, you can be shaking your hips to some top notch rock [Section 4.0].

I am a 26 year old web and graphic designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, in charge of the digital output at H&A. I live with my girlfriend and dawgy in a lovely little 1 bed flat close to town, and I play rock and roll in To Catch a Thief.

If you'd like to get in touch check out Section 5.0, or follow me on twitter.


The Birdcage


Design & Build of a site to publicise the restaurant's launch.


Tit & Gut


This was a personal project of mine. It was a pretty daft thing to do..


Albany Street


Design of a site that demonstrates the ASR's quality.




Give Savills the ability to communicate the quality of the product.


A lot of hot air

[April 2011] Wedding Invitations

[January 2011] Goodbye H&A, Hello Touch!

[September 2010] Inspiration

[July 2010] Tit & Gut

[June 2010] Designing The Waiting Room

[May 2010] Temporary Welcome

[February 2010] 10 most influential records

[February 2010] Vintage / Retro Design.

[January 2010] Mac to PC JPEG

[November 2009] Fall of Troy Poster

    Last Fm

    Tenacious D - To Be the Best

    What's on the wireless

    Over the last 13 years I’ve played in more than 10 different bands and I thought it would be fun to list the main ones, and share every recording I’ve done in chronological order. Some were good, some were bad, and some were pretty funny - but I’ve had fun in all of them.

    • [1997 - 1998] - Wallflower
    • [2000 - 2001] - Detrepus
    • [2001 - 2002] - Coincide
    • [2003] - Misnoma
    • [2004 - 2006] - The Silent Revolution
    • [2007 - Now] - To Catch a Thief
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    I know what you’re thinking. That looks more like a mouse, and I’m not sure I want to trust a mouse with my precious words. Rest assured, he’s a reliable chap and anything you give him will find its way to me.